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As a property manager, your goal is to maintain a healthy living environment for your tenants. This includes providing commercial pest control and extermination for the properties you manage. Hughes Pest Control can help you provide a pest-free environment for your tenants in Reston, Herndon, Chantilly, McLean, and Oakton.

Some pests are merely a nuisance, but others have more risks associated with them. Animals like rodents, ticks, and bed bugs carry disease as well as have other harmful effects on humans. Rodents such as mice carry disease, inflame allergies, and chew up property. Roaches carry disease and intensify allergies. Ticks can carry Lyme disease as well as other bacteria. Bed bugs aggravate allergies and are costly to treat. As a property manager, you want to stop an infestation before it starts. It is far more cost effective to be proactive rather than reactive.

In an effort to control pests, you will want to work with tenants to establish guidelines for informing you of any pest problems. In addition, you should educate yourself on the best ways to keep pests out of their property. Residents can close up any openings under doors and any small cracks to keep pests from entering the premises. Mice can find their way into a building through the tiniest crack in the wall. When tenants go on vacation, they should be encouraged to wash all clothes immediately upon their return. Because unpleasant odors often attract pests, tenants should be encouraged to remove any unpleasant odors and to maintain a clean residence.

Call Hughes Pest Control today to prevent or treat a pest infestation on the inside or outside of your apartment complex or condo building.