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Ant & Termite Exterminators In Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Reston VA

At the first sign of ant or termite infestation, call Hughes Pest Control of Reston, Virginia. These pests do not go away on their own and the damage they will continue to cause will only escalate the money you will lose in home repair. If you exterminate them early, you’ll minimize, if not avoid, costly renovations that are bound to occur if you wait too long.

What are the signs?
Termites feed on damaged plants or wood, pool filtration systems, insulation, books, old papers, and of course, homes. They reproduce and swarm during the Spring and you may see them flying around in your yard looking for new areas to colonize. A winged termite flying around your yard is cause for concern, but a winged termite in your home is a sign of infestation. Even though the non-winged termites are the eaters that you need to worry about, the winged variety are their mates.

What to watch for:

  • Winged termites indoors
  • Termites are different than winged ants; their bodies have no waists, their wings are equal in size, and their antennae are straight
  • Winged termites emerging from the foundation or from underneath the home
  • Mud tubes about the diameter of a pencil on foundation walls or wooden supports
  • Hollowed wood that may or may not have dried mud or soil in it
  • Tiny holes in drywall with soil around the rim
  • Dented trails in wallpaper are a sign of termites burrowing and traveling underneath

While there are signs that you can look for, it is possible for ant or termite infestation to be nearly invisible and undetectable to the homeowner. To be certain that your home is free from these pests, you need to have an inspection done by a professional extermination company like Hughes Pest Control.

Hughes Pest Control eradicates ants, termites and other pests in homes and businesses in Northern Virginia, including the towns of Reston, Herndon, Chantilly, McLean, and Oakton.  And and termite control is a job requiring expert knowledge of construction details. Call Hughes Pest Control today and gain peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your most important investment – your home.